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Empty containers catch sun and moisture in the border


 Empty container catches sun and moisture in the border

This is part of my sporadic series to share one or two tiny things I learn about gardening every year. Can you see the glazed blue container in the background of this photograph? I have two of these and found they served a marvelous dual-purpose this past year:

  • Watering – I could slowly water the plants around them by filling up the empty pot
  • Protected sun – I could pop establishing young plants into this container to give them a good sunny position and protection from slugs while they were getting bigger.

I’ve seen it written many times that sinking a flowerpot next to a plant is a good way to direct the water to its roots, but this glazed, completely above-ground pot was so much more attractive then the plastic pots I’d used to do this previously.

It is a wet and dreary January in Scotland, but I’ve just had three gloriously muddy hours in the garden. It was a three-changes-of-gloves kind of morning, as I was tidying up the vegetable beds where cats do unspeakable things when I’m not looking. Rough sticks thrust into the ground seem to be the only deterrent they respect, and one of my tiny 1m x 1.2m beds is now bristling with old lilac and elder branches.

Did you have any gardening epiphanies last year? What works for you when trying to keep cats away? Let me know.


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