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Prevent gardening interruptus


Click for larger imageOnce I’m out the door it’s a killer to discover I don’t have the kit to do what I wanted in the miniscule time available. I promised myself I’d write these down – things I now do that help me work quickly:

  • Small bags of fresh compost – I keep them stacked in the shed…the 20 or 25 litre ones I can actually carry myself…having them there has been a lifesaver
  • Twine at the ready – As soon as I see those long shoots that sprout during summer on roses, I tie them in — if I’m late, the wind rips them away (poor James Galway, shown here, had untieable branches that got slaughtered by the wind last week). Also ideal for training young jasmine, passionflower, sweet peas before they hook onto something I don’t want them to.
  • Gravel and sand for cleanup – I shove the trowel into this combo after working for a quick clean
  • Horticultural grit – Oh how I resisted buying these little pebble-lets! But I always keep this sack handy now; the grit is fab for keeping moss off and moisture in my pots of plants/cuttings/seeds.
  • Crayons for plant labels – The best & most weather-resistant way to label anything I’m planting…forget the cheap pencils that come with the labels themselves.
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“Prevent gardening interruptus”

  1. On October 7th, 2009 at 2:00 pm Lia Says:

    i’m particularly with you on the grit, i seem to constantly need it and am always searching around for it, but also agree generally on keeping the shed well stocked. It is so frustrating to spend half your precious gardening time looking for stuff. Must try harder!
    Top crayon tip, will give it a go

  2. On October 7th, 2009 at 2:18 pm The StopWatch Gardener Says:

    It was seeing Carol Klein’s segments on GW this year – how much grit did they scoop?! – that made me finally go for it. Only problem is it’s not as blackbird-proof as gravel, but much kinder to seedlings.

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