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Winter pruned wisteria floribunda



One of the many reasons I’m no fan of JParker’s mail order plant catalogues is they have sent me the wrong plant on more than one occasion, including what you see here: wisteria floribunda. It is a stunning plant when in flower, but I had ordered wisteria sinensis, which has shorter racemes and is much easier to grow up against a wall.

You can see in this picture that I have been pruning away any branches that didn’t grow straight out from the wall. Some of the flower racemes are up to 1 m long! These pruned branches act a little bit like wall brackets for a hanging basket, allowing the flowers to hang free.

(Incidentally, the trees you can see in the foreground are pears; the wisteria is farther away from the camera).

Would you like to see how this wisteria looks when it’s in flower? Here’s a picture:



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